Falling Leaves Cookies & Snacks Stack

SKU: 1805

Happy Fall Ya’ll! It’s time to break out warm drinks and sweet treats. Our Falling Leaves Cookies & Snack Stack includes a beautiful selection of our finest Fall cookies and gourmet treats. Included are our Finest Chocolate Chip, Apricot Cranberry Oat, Belgian Triple Chocolate, Snickerdoodle, Pumpkin with Spiced Buttercream Icing, and of course, our incomparable Finest Sugar Cookie with Buttercream Icing and festive sprinkles. We've also included our Milk Chocolate Covered Pretzels with orange drizzle and our irresistible Buckeye Crunch Gourmet Popcorn. C.Krueger's exclusive!


2 Finest Chocolate Chip Cookies
2 Finest Apricot Cranberry Oat Cookies
2 Finest Belgian Triple Chocolate Cookies
2 Finest Snickerdoodle Cookies
2 Finest Pumpkin Cookies with Spiced Buttercream Icing
2 Finest Sugar Cookies with Orange Buttercream Icing
2 Finest Sugar Cookies with Buttercream Icing & Festive Sprinkles
4 Finest Pecan Sandie Cookies
1 4oz bag of Chocolate Covered Pretzels with Orange Drizzle
1 4oz bag of Buckeye Crunch Caramel Corn
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