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Best Birthday Wishes Cookie Gift Box Sampler Stack

SKU: 359

When you can’t be there, our birthday gift stack is the perfect gift to share with those you care for. Packed inside this eleven serving gift are our Finest Chocolate Chip Cookie, Apricot Cranberry Oat, Glazed Limoncello, Sunshine Lime with Lime Buttercream Icing and our incomparable Sugar Cookie with Buttercream Icing & festive birthday sprinkles. We’ve also included a selection of our Finest Belgian Chocolate Brownies. All of our cookies and treats are all individually wrapped for safety, freshness and convenience.

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    1 Finest Chocolate Chip Cookie
    1 Finest Apricot Cranberry Oat Cookie
    1 Finest Glazed Limoncello Cookie
    1 Finest Sunshine Lime Cookie with Buttercream Icing
    1 Finest Sugar Cookie with Buttercream Icing & Celebration Sprinkles
    1 Finest Sugar Cookie with Buttercream Icing in our Birthday Film
    5 Finest Belgian Chocolate Brownies
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